Fresh Mexican Cuisine

A little taste of mexico

Palenque's Commitment

Fresh Ingredients
Palenque Fresh Mexican Cuisine's name stands for itself. The restaurant offers just that! Palenque was built on generations of a solid foundation of commitment and love for fresh ingredients. Francois along with his family have established solid relationships, within the Windsor and Detroit communities, with business that provide fresh, local ingredients and products. Palenque staff know the importance of bringing the freshest ingredients to their dining room, allowing their guests the best and only way of experiencing a little taste of Mexico. It is their pleasure and honour to be able to do so. Thank you to all our suppliers for your continued support in allowing us to stand behind our beliefs.
Along with its commitment to providing and supporting local fresh ingredients Palenque is proud to stand behind its commitment to community. Community is important to Palenque. It makes every family a little bit bigger. In its first two years of operation Palenque has had the honour of supporting community outreach programs, such as Hospice of Windsor. Palenque looks forward to continue to support these and other community programs in the years to come. Follow our website to help Palenque support the community. More commitment to come!